Repositories architecture

Below is our target repository structure.
For now, all directories are not created, as some Caliopen's components are still missing or are not yet implemented.

top level

├── doc     : (work in progress) all documentation for developers, administrators and users
├── src     : all source code goes here
└── devtools: scripts, fixtures and other tools to build development environment

the src directory

Source code for Caliopen platform and clients applications.
NB: Caliopen is not bind to a specific language : one may finds softwares components written in python, Go, C, java…

Caliopen is made of :

Here is our target architecture for src :

├── backend
│   ├── brokers
│   ├── configs
│   ├── components
│   ├── defs
│   ├── interfaces
│   ├── main
│   ├── protocols
│   └── tools
└── frontends
    └── web_application

Code organization for the backend

main directory

This is main code for caliopen backend services for interacting with storage layers. For now, there are 2 python packages : main/py.main and main/ and 2 golang ones main/go.main and main/go.backends

interfaces directory

Public APIs consumed by frontends and clients applications over HTTP/HTTP2.
Examples : REST server…

brokers directory

Brokers are program modules that offer services to parse/unparse and/or unmarshall/marshall objects between the formal external protocol of the sender and the formal internal protocol of Caliopen. Examples : email broker, sms broker, vcard broker…

protocols directory

Program modules that implement standard protocols to connect Brokers to external tiers.
Examples : SMTP, XMPP…

components directory

Software components that add features to Caliopen by exposing services or procedures directly to main processes. Each component can be enhanced thanks to a plugin architecture, as long as the plugin don't break the component's contract. Some components could be distributed outside Caliopen as standalone packages. Examples : parsers, messages qualifiers (PI computing, importance computing), keys manager, DNS…

configs directory

Configuration files for every platform components.

defs directory (ie definitions)

Interfaces, objects and methods definitions.
One finds here the « Single Source of Truth » to work with Caliopen's inner world.
Examples : databases models, protobuf files, python packages for base classes, Go struct definitions…

tools directory

Standalone programs to manage the backend and the databases outside the standard interfaces.
Examples : caliopen CLI to import mailboxes…

Code organization for the frontends

web_application directory

All the code needed to render and to distribute the User Interface that runs into the browser. For now, it is a Node/Express/React application.

Code guidelines

The actual code mainly follows this basic React tutorial and uses this recommended file structure.

The main folders in src/frontend are: