Import vcard

We can import one or more vcards from a file (using the caliopen cli).

Import vcard

cd src/backend
caliopen import_vcard --help
caliopen -f configs/caliopen.yaml.template import_vcard -u <username> [-d <directory> | -f <file>]
docker-compose run cli import_vcard --help
docker-compose run cli import_vcard -u <username> [-d <directory> | -f <file>]

It's possible import vcards with a directory as a parameter. Else, import vcards with a file as a parameter. Also we can import vcards as a directory and a file.

NB: Only file with extension .vcf or .vcard are imported.


In, we find functions parse_vcard and parse_vcards which read one or more vcards and return a NewContact or an array of NewContact.

In, function import_vcard create new contact, using parser, at a user (in parameter) with the file or the directory of vcards (in parameter).