Analyse frontend bundle

bundle size

This is useful to see the real size of the js files loaded by the client.


You need source-map-explorer: npm i -g source-map-explorer

  1. release the frontend:

bash yarn release:web:browser

  1. Launch the explorer for each generated file you want

bash source-map-explorer dist/server/public/assets/app.{hash}.js source-map-explorer dist/server/public/assets/vendor.{hash}.js ...

These command will generate an html page in temp dir with a dynimic tree of the bundle

webpack module tree

This tree shows all modules handled by webpack and see size usage


You need webpack-bundle-analyzer: npm i -g webpack-bundle-analyzer

  1. generate stats

bash NODE_ENV=production webpack --config webpack/webpack.config.browser.js -p --progress --profile --json > webpack-client-stats.json

  1. launch analyser tool (it's little webserver)

bash webpack-bundle-analyzer -p 4444 webpack-client-stats.json

Also, you can upload the stats on which can provide other useful informations