Protocol implementation

FIXME: out of date

Important note:

The following document has been imported as is from the previous client in angularJs; the file structure has changed and this part of the program is not implemeted.

The purpose of this document is list tasks to do in order to support new protocol.

This procedure may evolve following API evolutions.


Message creation: Available protocols

Add the protocol to the list in module/recipient-list component:

const PROTOCOLS = {
  // ...
  sms: {
    iconClass: 'fa-mobile',
  email: {
    iconClass: 'fa-envelope',
    regexp: /^\w+@\w+(\.\w+)?$/,
  // ...

The iconClass property is required and the stylesheet class must be available (cf. font-awesome or whatever). The regexp is optional but recommended in order to automatically detect the protocol.



A recipient is the target of a message and can be known or not.

When a contact is attached to a recipient, the user can select a protocol known for the contact and available for the caliopen's instance. When the user write himself an address (or a number) an available protocol is detected. Eventually the user can change it afterward.