Progressive Web App

Caliopen is a PWA, this means it can be «installed» on a device (smartphone or desktop) as a web application.


It can be installed on android via a browser like brave, chrome, firefox … or on desktop (for now, only chrom·e·ium support PWA).

how to: [fr]

This is enabled because it provides a manifest file and at least a service worker.

The manifest is generated by webpack-pwa-manifest.

And the service worker is generated by offline-plugin. This plugin uses webpack generated files list to allow the service worker to preload assets and make available offline.

/!\ For now only assets can be cached but Caliopen requires /api/v1/me and /api/v1/settings to be half available offline : the read only mode. And to be completely available offline, it requires a system that allows to queue user actions like saving or sending messages.

Client upgrade sequence

sequence diagram